Giovanni Iommi and Francesca Pretto won the 1st Venice Night Trail
Last night two thousand moving lights have turned the magic of Venice

The weather was merciful and gave a wonderful night to the participants of the first edition of the Venice Night Trail, the saturday night race night starting at 9pm from the passenger terminal of San Basilio in Venice, organized by the Venice Marathon Club with Port Authority's hospitality, and won by Giovanni Iommi and Francesca Pretto.

A news of a kind that had immediate success, with registrations closed a month and a half before, once reached the 2,000 registrations.

An amazing sight was the runners' start. They formed a bright snake thanks to the effect of the headlamps. A big surprise was the special guest of the event, the climber Simone Moro, recently returned from Nanga Parbat, the first and only climber in history to have got in winter four eight thousand meter high peaks. His presence must be only to welcome the participants of the trail as a Garmin testimonial. In a second time Moro decided to participate: "In recent days I lost two fingernails, but tonight I want to run the same!" To answer the curiosity of all, how it was to see the world as by 8,000 meters, he answered: "We all know that the earth is round, but when you see it with your own eyes, that the skyline is curved, you realize the great privilege you have and how it is beautiful and it should be preserved. We need to connect with nature and running is an easy way to do it. "

Along the course more than 200 volunteers were waiting for the runners, among athletes there were four guardian angels of the BLS-Run-Team, i.e. 4 runners, doctors and volunteers, all certificate holders of basic life support and able to act quickly in the event of cardiac arrest. Fortunately their valuable support was not necessary.

In the first part of the competition athletes run through Calatrava bridge, then they run down the Fondamenta of Cannaregio, Calli and Campielli up to sant’Elena where runners found a refreshment station.

The charm of Venice by night continued along the Riva dei Sette Martiri with the spectacular passage in St. Mark's Square in the night light. Then the Accademia Bridge leads the runners on the other side of the Grand Canal, to get to the Punta della Dogana, another amazing point from where to enjoy the architectural wonders overlooking the San Marco basin. From here athletes run along Zattere to the finish line in San Basilio.

The first athlete arrived at the finish line was Giovanni Iommi (Gruppo Sacile Livenza), with a time of 56”26. "It was a a big emotion – commented Iommi - the bridges were not hard and run through Piazza San Marco is priceless." The winner, already third last year to Corrimestre, in addition to the cup was awarded a watch Garmin and a flight for two to Paris. Runner up Paolo La Placa (Atletica Ponzano) followed by Nicolò Petrin (ASD Galzignano), he said with enthusiasm: "In Venice you feel the warmth of the people because we run closely, for, public incitement was even more beautiful ".

First woman to cut the finish line was Francesca Pretto -Atletica Vicentina with a time of 1h13’55’’. "Beautiful, I studied in Venice, but tonight I saw new areas and it was a different way to live it." Runner up Rita Mascitti of Avis San Benedetto del Tronto and third position for Silvia Schiapparoli of Happy Runner Club.

The President of the Venice Marathon Club Piero Rosa Salva said: "It was a big success beyond all expectations. The first edition turned out to be a winning bet, also by the feelings of runners. I can only thank the city for its excellent welcome and the Port of Venice for letting us to stay here ".
Ali Venice Running Days: closed today the registrations to the 1st Venice Night Trail!
Beyond any expectations the first Venice Night Trail is obtaining a great success. It is hosted by the city of Venice on Saturday, 23rd April and is organized by the Venicemarathon Club.

More than a month away from the night city trail, and all the 2,000 bibs were recently sold out. The event starts at 9pm from the port area of San Basilio, and will see athletes committed to walk 16 kilometers in the magic and romantic evening atmosphere of Venice, between the districts and squares, through the narrow streets and canals and the 51 bridges in the city, some with breathtaking views of the Grand Canal.

In addition to the trail, this year the rich program of Ali Venice Running Days continues on Sunday, April 24th at San Giuliano Park in Mestre, with all the other initiatives for athletes, fans and families. Many competitors have already entered the Corrimestre, competitive race of 10 km, and the same number at La Panoramica, the non-competitive event that will propose 3 different and fascinating routes 5, 11 and 18 kilometers. Both races will cross the green avenues of the park, the Osellino forest and Forte Marghera. The open air day will also be enriched by the initiatives designed for the little ones like Baby Maratonella, promotional activities Giocatletica and 115 junior or skill paths by the Venice Fire Department.

Ali Venice Running Village, situated inside the park, will be the event's general headquarters and it’s open Saturday, 23 April (3pm to 12pm) and Sunday 24th April (starting at 7am). On Saturday afternoon the athletes registered at the Venice Night Trail can pick up their race number and race packet, use the car parks and transport services provided by the organization for the pre and post race and the showers and changing room service at the end of the competition. On Sunday morning you may register to Corrimestre and La Panoramica, too. The Running Village will also offer many opportunities for entertainment and will be animated by the initiatives of the different companies of the running world, wellness and leisure. The traditional Pasta Party will be served continuously throughout the day and will be free for all the participants to the competitions.
Venice Night Trail, is already a success!
There are already many members in the first edition of the Venice Night Trail, the new event organized by Venicemarathon scheduled in Venice on Saturday, 23rd April (starting at 9.00pm). Inserted into the double-sport event "Ali Venice Running Day", which in addition to the trail will organise the Corrimestre 10 km the day after in San Giuliano Park in Mestre, and the Panoramica with 5k, 11k and 18k and the many initiatives dedicated to the young ones.

The Venice Night Trail will offer a unique opportunity to race at night in the magical atmosphere of Venice, wrapped in silence and accompanied by the gentle murmur of the water. Fifty-one bridges will be crossed and 16 kilometers to be covered, but the charme of this course will definitely facilitate the enterprise. Athletes will also have the opportunity to choose between competitive and non-competitive version.

There are already more than thousand assigned bibs and only 2,000 places are available for this first edition. Also in this case, the organization prefers the organizational quality and efficiency of services.

The start of the race is scheduled at 9.00pm. The competition starts and finishes in Dorsoduro district, in the port area of San Basilio and the first exciting crossing of the Grand Canal takes place immediately at the first kilometer with the Calatrava Bridge. The trail runs then in the most typical areas of Venice, campi and campielli of suggestive beauty, going further to S. Elena and the Biennale, and then back to Piazza San Marco where the participants can enjoy the beautiful lighted square by night. The race will then continue again in the heart of the city, will touch the La Fenice theater and then going through the Grand Canal on the Academy Bridge and go further to the Punta della Dogana. From there the athletes will get back the Fondamenta delle Zattere to San Basilio, along the Canale della Giudecca.

Athletes will withdraw the bib and race packet at the Running Village set up in the San Giuliano Park in Mestre, where they can also find the parking, the showers service and can take advantage of the transportation provided by the organization for the pre- and post-race. The bags deposit service and changing rooms will be available at the start and finish area.

All participants will be required to wear a headlamp.

Double sporting event will also give the opportunity to participate in the Challenge Venice Running Days, i.e. you can register to the combined Venice Night Trail + Corrimestre with discounted rates.

The first Venice Running Day is organized by the Venice Marathon Club in collaboration with  Cus Venezia.
Events 2016” and lots of news!
This year the Venicemarathon Club will take all of you fans of running in parks, at the beach, to the mountain and to historical cities. This is done through the intense ‘Venicemarathon Events 2016’ programme.

Our offers for 2016 present new initiatives, even outside the Venitian region, that will set some specific objectives. For instance, to diversify our events; to always combine the amateur version to the competitive one in order to get closer to a growing number of runners and joggers. Last but not least, to offer quality products able to improve the economic income of the area that hosts them and to spread a message of solidarity.

To start with, the first news regards "Alì Venice Running Days” on Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24 April: a whole weekend of fun and sports for all. It will all begin on Saturday 23rd with the first edition of the "Venice Night Trail", a 16k night trail that starts at 9pm and that will snake through the heart of Venice along calli and campielli, up and down 51 bridges of the city. This is a powerful and charming way to discover the magic of Venice even at night. This year we will limit the participants to 2,000.

The program then continues the next morning, Sunday 24th, at the San Giuliano Park in Mestre with the Corrimestre (10 km) and Panoramica (the non-competitive run of 5, 11 and 18km) and all side events studied for the younger participants.

A sports schedule spread over two days, offering the opportunity to participate to the Challenge Running Days, which means to subscribe for the Night Trail and the Corrimestre at once.

The calendar continues in May with the Moonlight Half Marathon and 10K Garmin Forerunner. The appointment with the run "in the moonlight" from Cavallino Treporti to Jesolo is set for Saturday, 28th May. The unique scenery of the lagoon of Venice at sunset will be as always the framefor this double event: the 21.097 km and 10 km competitive competitive and open to everybody.

The other new event of the year will be the first Primiero Dolomites Marathon, organized in collaboration with the U.S. Primiero and scheduled on Saturday, 2nd July. There will be three paths to this breathtaking trail of varying length and difficulty, which will be developed along the pristine valleys of Primiero and San Martino di Castrozza (Tn): 42 km, 26 km and 6.5 km to suit both experienced runners and beginners on mountain tracks, with trails open to all. A unique opportunity to race in a lovely setting that is among the most spectacular in the world, a UNESCO world heritage site.

The most important event will be as always the 31st Venice Marathon scheduled Sunday, 23rd October and which will be combined with the Garmin Forerunner 10K. The Venice Marathon will have as prologue the three Family Runs (San Dona, Riviera del Brenta and Mestre) which will be held during the weeks before and that will involve students and enthusiasts of all ages in the metropolitan area.

For all, an opportunity not to be missed is the jackpot, with the purchase of Fidelity Card that will allow, with a single registration, to participate in all five events.

But the news does not end there! The Venice Marathon Club will organize this year the free collective training program "Corri X" that last year was very successful. This year, the intention of the organizers is to make events not only on the Venetian territory, but also to export them outside to allow more people to run together with some of the best experts of the field. The first of these will be a special edition for the Venice Carnival, Saturday, 6th Feb., starting at 8.00 am for a masquerade run at the heart of the most beautiful city in the world. The event is free and open to all, more information will be available shortly on the website and on the Facebook page CorriX.Città di Venezia. The calendar of other events will be published shortly.