The event

The CMP Venice Night Trail will take place in the city center of Venice through its calli (the typical street), 16K up and down 51 bridges between the mystery and charm of Venice by night.

Our History

Discover what appened in the lst editions!

Hall of fame

16K & 51 Bridges
Men Time Year Women Time
Nicolò PETRINI (ITA) 0.59.22 2023 Silvia SANGALLI (ITA) 1.11.28
Nicolò PETRINI (ITA) 0.59.44 2022 Sharon GIAMMETTA (ITA) 1.05.18
Nicolò PETRINI (ITA) 0.58.54 2021
Sharon GIAMMETTA (ITA) 1.04.40
Nicolò PETRINI (ITA) 0.57.26 2019 Sharon GIAMMETTA (ITA) 1.04.28
Simone GOBBO (ITA) 0.58.52 2018 Silvia RAMPAZZO (ITA) 1.03.59
Giovanni IOMMI (ITA) 0.58.20 2017 Ilaria GURINI (ITA) 1.09.32
Giovanni IOMMI (ITA) 2.11.06 2016 Francesca PRETTO (ITA) 1.13.55